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Pop paedo Gary Glitter 'gets sent twisted fan mail in jail'

NewsPop paedo Gary Glitter 'gets sent twisted fan mail in jail'

The fallen and disgraced pop star Gary Glitter is reportedly being deluged with sick fan mail since he was recalled to prison following breach of his release conditions. 

According to sources from inside jail, the 78-year-old convicted paedophile has so far been sent more than 60 cards and letters, reports The Sun. 

A source told the website: “Glitter is getting fan mail every day — it is unbelievable. He’s smug about it. They say things like ‘keep your head up’ and ‘stay strong’ — and they come from deranged fans who think he’s done nothing wrong.”

Glitter, whose real name is Paul Gadd, was released in February from a low-security category C prison in Dorset after serving eight years of a 16-year sentence for sexually abusing three schoolgirls. He was jailed in 2015, but released automatically half way through his fixed-term stretch, subject to licence conditions.

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But in March Glitter was recalled owing to a breach of those conditions. The prison source told The Sun: “One card was from a fan who told Glitter he was listening to his music every day and it made the world a better place.

“It makes you wonder about people. But the prison has to let him have his mail, and as long as it’s nothing indecent he will keep getting his fan mail.”

The Sun added that while in jail, the serial child abuser is permitted to watch films from the prison DVD library — alleging that the movies include those starring young girls.

According to the news website, he has seen the 2022 film Firestarter starring Ryan Kiera Armstrong, now aged 13, and the 1997 movie Lawn Dogs which starred Mischa Barton, who was aged 10 at the time.

Glitter’s recall to prison was also said to have been precipitated by The Sun after it disclosed that he had been heard discussing internet sites and the dark web in a hostel.

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