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Priceless moment King's Guard breaks protocol to greet adorable wannabe Grenadier

NewsPriceless moment King's Guard breaks protocol to greet adorable wannabe Grenadier

A member of the King’s Guard left a little boy absolutely delighted after he acknowledged him with a nod outside St James’s Palace as they marched past.

Frank was dressed in his own miniature guard uniform and an imitation bearskin for his special day out, with the soldier clearly impressed by the boy’s outfits.

He adorably stood to attention and saluted his heroes while clutching his imitation version of the King’s Guard’s gold stick.

The final member in the procession risked breaking strict royal protocol by nodding at the lad in a gesture of respect as he noticed him looking up at the soldiers proudly.

Young Frank was seen giving a thumbs up to his dad, who filmed the moment, which was uploaded to his TikTok account afterwards.

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The King’s Guard soldiers are famous for having to remain absolutely emotionless in all situations and are generally not allowed to interact with the public.

They are expected to remain passive whatever the weather, and can be fined £200 if they are caught breaking the rules.

However Frank was clearly thrilled with his interaction, which did not go unnoticed in the comments section on social media.

One said: “The look on that lads face and the thumbs up says it all. Recognised twice by guards who he idolises is fantastic. Big up to the best of the best.”

Another wrote: “How sweet to see this little boy smile from ear to ear”, while a third added: “How sweet the Guards give the little boy a quick acknowledgement.”

The video has already been viewed four million times on TikTok, with Frank regularly sharing clips of him meeting soldiers on his channel @frankthesoldier1.

The King’s Guard also recently melted hearts after a mounted soldier allowed an elderly military veteran to stroke his horse and take a picture.

The heart-warming video was taken last Friday when the Guard moved closer to the vet as she posed for a photo with her husband at Horse Guards Parade in Whitehall.

The couple proudly have their medals on display as they move as close as they dare to the mounted soldier, who is wearing his customary plumed helmet and armour.

However the Guard then quickly breaks protocol and urges his horse closer to them before allowing the woman to pat his steed’s nose.

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