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Prince George and other Pages of Honour miss out on key role as King Charles cuts down

NewsPrince George and other Pages of Honour miss out on key role as King Charles cuts down

Prince George and his fellow Pages of Honour missed out a key role as King Charles made a few changes earlier this week. The nine-year-old served as one of eight Pages of Honour at the King’s Coronation, where they were tasked with carrying the King and Queen’s heavy robes and formed part of the procession through the Nave of Westminster Abbey. However, the role could be shortlived as Charles made some last-minute changes to the Order of the Garter procession – and could repeat this at the State Opening of Parliament later in the year.

The boys were expected to be on duty for the annual event, which sees the Royal Family take part in the procession and service on the grounds of Windsor Castle to honour the Knights of the Garter.

But Charles made the decision to abandon the large robe that required trainbearers, in favour of his normal Garter robe, the Daily Mail reports.

The next time the Pages of Honour are due to be on show will be at the State Opening of Parliament which has been delayed until the autumn.

But after the cancellation of their role at this week’s royal engagement, questions remain over whether they will be needed.

Ephraim Hardcastle wrote in his column: “And with the King determined to dress down to shed flummery, George and pals may not even be needed for the state opening of Parliament. Redundant aged nine? Surely not!”

The Page of Honour is a ceremonial position within the Royal Household of the Sovereign and is usually given to children who are linked to the Royal Family through either blood or friendship.

George was joined by Lord Oliver Cholmondeley, Master Nicholas Barclay, Master Ralph Tollemache, Master Arthur Elliot and Camilla’s grandsons Master Gus Lopes, Master Louis Lopes, Master Freddy Parker Bowles.

The day before the Coronation, the Princess of Wales revealed George was “excited” about the role. 

During a walkabout when asked if George was looking forward to his big moment she replied: “He is actually. Having done a few rehearsals, I think everyone is a bit more relaxed.”

Pictures taken on the day showed the nine-year-old smiling and joking with his fellow Pages of Honour on the Buckingham Palace balcony as they watched the RAF flyover.

An insider told the Mirror the Prince, who is second-in-line to the throne was given the role after showing a “deep interest” in the Coronation.

They added: “The King is very keen to show those in the line of ­succession, his natural heirs, at the centre of his Coronation.

“Even though he is only nine, George is very mature and already has a deep understanding of the roles of his grandfather and father, as well as his future role.

“This task is a wonderful sign of the future being laid out by the King.”

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