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Prince Harry and Meghan 'feel very unstable' as they're met with 'long list' of failures

NewsPrince Harry and Meghan 'feel very unstable' as they're met with 'long list' of failures

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle “feel very unstable” about the uncertainty of their future prospects after a string of failures, a royal expert has claimed.

Royal expert Angela Levin has opened up on how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may currently be feeling, particularly after their most recent career snub.

Earlier this month, the couple were met with yet another blow as their Netflix series, Harry and Meghan, failed to make the Emmy Award shortlist.

As the list was made public, Harry and Meghan’s docuseries was notably missing – despite its eligibility for the award.

The couple’s six-episode docuseries was released in December 2022, with the list featuring shows that aired between June 2022 and May 2023.

Ms Levin told Sky News Australia: “I think they are really worried.

“I think not getting on the Emmy’s list has really made them feel very unstable.”

She added: “[Meghan and Harry] have had a long list of things that have gone very wrong, Spotify and Netflix and all these things but this Emmy which Meghan asked if she could be on the panel to decide what goes in.”

Referring to the couple’s life as a “‘total mess”, Ms Levin added: “One minute their going to do things separately, the next minute its ‘Meghan has never ever needed him more than she needs him now’.”

Ms Levin then went on to comment about recent claims that Meghan is now feeling regretful over Prince Harry’s book.

She added: “Then she looked at his book, the Spare and thought it was ok and now she regrets that she didn’t look at its properly. It’s just really extraordinary.”

“What they want to do seems to change every day and I think this is typical of people who [are] much too much in a hurry without thinking things through and that’s made their life such a mess I think.”

Speaking to the Mirror, royal expert Ingrid Seward also spoke on the couple’s recent snub, stating that their show was “obviously not good enough for an Emmy nomination.”

The couple’s recent blow comes just a few weeks on from the news that they had parted ways with Spotify.

Meghan and Harry signed a multi-million-pound deal with Spotify in 2020, shortly after their royal exit.

The initial signing also happened around the same time that they signed with popular streaming service, Netflix.

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