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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle told to 'get restraining order' over YouTuber's prank

NewsPrince Harry and Meghan Markle told to 'get restraining order' over YouTuber's prank

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been urged to “get a restraining order” to stop a YouTuber from staging a protest outside their Montecito home.

YouTuber Andy Signore used his Popcorned Palace royal YouTube channel to suggest he would hire a bus to transport himself and his viewers to the Duke and Duchess’s home to conduct what he dubbed a “Worldwide Privacy Tour” of the property.

Signore appeared to have been inspired by a recent depiction of Harry and Meghan in the satirical cartoon series South Park, in which they were mockingly portrayed ad the fictional “Prince and Princess of Canada”.

The two characters appeared to stage a worldwide tour to demand their privacy be respected, parading around with placards reading “Stop looking at us,” and “We want our privacy.”

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Signore said: “What if we got a bus and we put together a worldwide privacy tour where we get to get the bus, a coach bus, and we take it up from L.A. all the way to Montecito and we’re gonna bring our ‘we want privacy signs’ and our megaphones and we will go outside of their home and demand privacy.”

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The YouTuber, whose monetised channel has 41,000 subscribers, was later forced to clarify his comments were meant as a joke because of an online backlash.

He also insisted his comments were part of a video that “got clipped out of context” and told his followers not to harass anyone.

Signore wrote: “You all are PSYCHOS. As I said in the joke roast that got clipped out of Context – DO NOT HARASS ANYONE! Especially Meghan and Harry…

“I’m not showing up to their house you DUMMIES. But Anyone actually coming after my family or home better know I live in FL, I carry, and I will stand my ground.”

But data analyst Christopher Bouzy still suggested the couple should “get a restraining order” to ensure their protection amid an escalation of online negativity aimed at them.

Bouzy’s firm Bot Analyst, which tracks and assesses troll and bot networks across social media, noted a concerning rise in new accounts specifically targeting Meghan and Harry.

In light of the distributing trend, he told Newsweek: “The recent escalation by this group of YouTubers to target Harry and Meghan offline, and go on a targeted harassment tour, is a matter of great concern and seriousness.”

He later added: “In light of these circumstances, I sincerely hope that Harry and Meghan explore every legal avenue to safeguard their wellbeing, such as seeking a restraining order, given the escalating nature of this harassment and its potential risks to their family’s safety.”

While Signore backtracked, he had previously told followers during a live stream session that fellow YouTuber “Stef the Alter Nerd” had been planning to head to San Francisco in the autumn and would be close to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s home.

He called on viewers to donate to his channel to help make his plan to stage a protest a reality – although he caveated his request by saying fans should not be “a crazy person.”

Signore said: “Your donations today will go towards the research of us potentially putting this plan together. Maybe we’ll even run into [Harry and Meghan].

“We are not going to harass them. We don’t want you to harass them. This is not an open arms to harass them. Don’t make it twisted. Don’t be a crazy person.

“Leave them alone. But we’re gonna try to have some fun and see where they’re from and make our own little, you know, it’s a kind of a protest.”

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