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Prince Harry ‘will be furious’ over The Crown’s Diana funeral scene, says royal author

NewsPrince Harry ‘will be furious’ over The Crown’s Diana funeral scene, says royal author

Royal author Angela Levin claimed Prince Harry will be “furious” at The Crown’s depiction of his mother Princess Diana’s funeral.

The eagerly awaited drama returned to Netflix with the adaptation of Princess Diana’s (played by Elizabeth Debicki) relationship with Dodi Fayed (Khalid Abdalla) as well as her death.

Although Netflix added a disclaimer labelling The Crown a “fictional dramatisation,” the author told GB News the inaccurate depiction would spark fury with the Duke of Sussex.

She spoke on the funeral procession scene where the young royals walked behind the coffin alongside Prince Philip (Jonathan Pryce), Prince Charles (Dominic West), and Princess Diana’s brother Charles Spencer (Philip Cumbus).

Angela stated: “What’s interesting is that Harry said to me, because I wrote his biography, he said to me he couldn’t bear people crying because they didn’t know his mother, and that made him unable to cry for x number of years.”

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Although he wasn’t able to cry at the moment or during the funeral procession, the Royal wrote he only cried when Diana’s coffin was being lowered into the ground.

In his memoir Spare, he detailed: “My body convulsed and my chin fell and I began to sob uncontrollably into my hands.

“I felt ashamed of violating the family ethos, but I couldn’t hold it in any longer. It’s OK, I reassured myself, it’s OK. There aren’t any cameras around.”

Angela also highlighted the moment William (Rufus Kampa) asked Prince Philip: “Why are they crying for someone they never knew?”

This was the confusion Prince Harry recalled questioning because he didn’t understand the outpouring of public grief.

The Royal author shared: “However, they make sure that William is actually saying this. So, they’ve taken all Harry’s feelings – he’ll be furious – and put it under William.”

Speaking to presenter Richard Tice, she continued: “But the other thing that’s quite interesting is that Harry said in his own book Spare that his father didn’t cuddle him or hold him when he came in to tell them that his mother was killed.”

Unlike Prince Harry’s recollection, the fourth episode of The Crown showed Charles waking up William and Harry (Fflyn Edwards), at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

He embraced them after gently breaking the news of their mother’s death and encouraged the boys to be brave.

Highlighting the differences, Angela claimed: “And in fact, they don’t care about that in The Crown.

“They make sure he holds him, and strokes him, and being terribly nice to him, so they didn’t even listen to what Harry has said very strongly.”

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