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Prince Harry's 'controversial' romantic gesture left some fans 'breathless', expert claims

NewsPrince Harry's 'controversial' romantic gesture left some fans 'breathless', expert claims

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are consistently under the microscope, with their relationship scrutinised at all times.

On a number of occasions the pair have been snapped together performing some very loving gestures, and body language expert Judi James has weighed in on their most romantic moment to date.

Judi made two claims about the couple’s public romantic gestures, the first being that they are “almost incessant” – “they have provided so many over the years they have been together than it’s impossible to keep count”. Her second claim was that they “come in a range of varieties”.

The expert previously spoke to Express.co.uk about a charming image of the royal duo, claiming that the pose required “a lot of effort” to pull off.

But Judi noted another public display of affection between the pair that could warm the hearts of the hopeless romantics among us.

This occured on February 25, 2019, when the Duchess of Sussex was snapped trying on an item from a merchant in the walled public Andalusian Gardens.

Judi James suggested that while some did not necessarily back the gesture, it showed him to be a compassionate husband.

She said: “This trait might have proved controversial, with many women taking to social media to say they would hate their men to do this in public.

“But the point is that Harry did it, which placed him in a much more alert, attentive, empathetic and even subservient place than most Windsor men before him.”

She implied that Meghan’s acceptance of the gesture spoke to their healthy, happy relationship. Judi claimed: “Plus Meghan didn’t object or pull away, which perhaps suggested how smitten she was at the time.”

Indeed, MailOnline shared a video compilation of Harry touching his wife’s hair by Twitter user @ddarveyy alongside some comments from royal watchers, with some huge fans of the gesture and others less keen on it.

Some praised the gesture, with @alison1010 commenting: “It shows how much he loves and cares for her.” However, @DatBoiLu said: “I get cussed out if I touch my wife’s hair.” @Katylockhat added: “No. Don’t touch my hair.”

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