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Prince Louis ‘shows levels of impatience’ on Buckingham Palace balcony with key gesture

NewsPrince Louis ‘shows levels of impatience’ on Buckingham Palace balcony with key gesture

Prince Louis, five, appeared during today’s Trooping The Colour, along with his parents and two older siblings.

The young Prince is renowned for pulling faces and being a funny comic during formal royal appearances such as these, and today did not disappoint.

The five-year-old was chatting to his siblings and parents non-stop on the Buckingham Palace balcony and even banged his fists together at one point.

As well as this, Prince Louis gave the crowd a cheeky salute at the end of the ceremony in an endearing gesture.

Judi James, a body language expert, spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to explain how Louis behaved today at Trooping The Colour.

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She said: “In an identical suit and tie to his big brother George, Louis is clearly growing up quickly.

“But it was also clear that Kate and William are in no hurry to curb his enthusiasm and playfulness.”

Judi noticed the gestures that young Louis was performing to the crowd during his endearing outing.

She claimed: “In the carriage ride to the parade ground, he was happily playing invisible drums to mime the noise coming from the band.”

However, Louis showed his “impatience” with a key gesture, according to the body language expert.

Judi opined: “Up on the balcony, he was showing his levels of excitement and impatience as he waited for the Red Arrows by banging his fists together.”

The expert explained how Louis’s older siblings, Prince George, nine, and Princess Charlotte, eight, were “on hand”.

“His spontaneous gestures of fun do seem to be slightly more subtle, with Charlotte on hand to tell him to sit up in the carriage,” Judi suggested.

“In addition, Prince George appears to keep a brotherly eye on him.

“But Louis’s playful side is still clearly being indulged and even encouraged by Kate and William to ensure he never sees royal events as too much of a bore or a chore.”

For today’s occasion, Louis wore a navy blazer, with a white shirt, a red tie and matching red shorts.

Young boys in the Royal Family always wear shorts to portray their youthfulness, which explains why George, nine, was dressed in trousers instead.

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