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Prince William shows he's ‘touchingly similar’ to Princess Diana in new Father's Day snap

NewsPrince William shows he's ‘touchingly similar’ to Princess Diana in new Father's Day snap

Prince William, 40, posed with his three children, Prince George, nine, Princess Charlotte, eight, and Prince Louis, four, for Father’s Day.

The photo was taken on the Windsor Estate earlier this year by Millie Pilkington, who previously captured Louis’s fifth birthday photos.

William is seen in the photo surrounded by his three children, with George and Charlotte beside him and Louis hugging him from behind.

Immediately the photo is reminiscent of a picture taken by Jayne Fincher showing Princess Diana at Highgrove House in the 1980s with her children, William and Harry.

Similarly to Louis in the 2023 Father’s Day photograph, William could be seen wrapping his arms around his mother Diana.

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Judi James, a professional body language expert spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to compare the two photographs.

She claimed: “These two poses are touchingly similar. The one of William with Diana must have had an iconic place in William’s life and memory.

“But the similarities could have occurred subliminally rather than deliberately, especially as it would have depended on the body language reaction of two young boys: William and Louis.

“You can position children for a photo but the spontaneous delight, affection and fun on both boy’s faces would need to have come naturally from within.”

William, along with his three children wore blue for the Father’s Day picture, which the body language expert said was “perhaps intentional”.

Judi opined: “The more obvious and perhaps intentional echoes come from the blue colouring, suggesting an air of calm.

“It also suggests the desire for both William and his mother to be depicted as tactile, hands-on, fun parents who their children see almost more as a playmate rather than a royal.

“The suggestion is that William is showing that he is also his mother’s son in terms of parenting.

“Both Diana and William adopt a slightly bashful pose in the centre of the composition while their children clamber, clasp and lean onto them.”

Interestingly, this Father’s Day pose differs from the ones in previous years, as George and Charlotte are evidently getting older.

Judi noted: “With William’s three children getting older there is less of a chaotic ‘bundle’ here than previously, with Charlotte and George sitting calmly on either side of their dad, gazing up at him and grinning to show their love.

“Louis is still very much in the playful, romping stage though and it’s him mirroring his father’s pose as a child by throwing his arms around his dad’s neck in the one gesture of total, encircling hugging that a small child’s arms can manage.”

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