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Princess Anne beats Kate and William to become most popular member of Royal Family

NewsPrincess Anne beats Kate and William to become most popular member of Royal Family

Princess Anne has been named the most popular member of the Royal Family – beating both the Prince and Princess of Wales to the top spot, a poll has found.

New YouGov polling shows the Princess Royal has a net favourability standing at +60, making her the most favoured royal.

The 72-year-old is often referred to as the most harding working royal due to the number of engagements and appearances she takes part on each year.

Last year Princess Anne embarked on a total of 214 engagements, more than any other royal.

In the latest YouGov poll a total of 72 percent of people viewed Anne in a positive light compared with just 15 percent having a negative view of the royal.

The next most popular was unsurprisingly the Princess of Wales who is often a hit with members of the public.

The poll saw her net favourability rise by five points following the Coronation, rising to +59 from +54 in April.

Prince Willam’s favorability also rose following the pomp and ceremony of the King’s Coronation, rising to +57, a five-point increase from earlier in the year.

Around three-quarters of Britons or 75 percent, hold a positive view of William, the polls also revealed.

After eight months on the throne, the King’s popularity appears to have dipped slightly since he became monarch in September.

Six in ten, or 62 percent have a positive view of the King, with his net favourability standing at +32, lower than when he came to the throne it stood at +48, but an improvement in April when it stood at +26.

Queen Camilla comes next with her favourability falling to +4, a five-point decrease from April, however, it is an improvement from when YouGov first began recording her popularity in 2011, when it stood at -15.

Unsurprisingly, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s popularity have both fallen, with the Duchess of Sussexes being the lowest it has been since 2017. 

The latest polling showing that her net favourability has plunged to -47 with seven in 10 Britons saying they have a negative view of the Duchess of Sussex and just one in five or 21 percent holding a positive view.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry has seen a slight boost in his ratings since January – the month his tell-all memoir was released – as his favourability has risen from -44 to -36.

Looking at the Monarchy as a whole the favourability of the institution, in general, has improved to +25 since before the coronation, when it stood at +19 in April.

This remains much lower than when this was recorded in September, where it stood at +44.

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