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Princess Beatrice reveals her daughter Sienna is a big fan of grandma's Fergie and Friends

NewsPrincess Beatrice reveals her daughter Sienna is a big fan of grandma's Fergie and Friends

Princess Beatrice, the eldest daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, announced the winner of the 2023 Oscar’s Book Prize on Tuesday night. Speaking exclusively with Express.co.uk at the event, the royal revealed her interest in children’s books definitely comes from her mother, who is an established children’s author. Beatrice also said her 20-month-old daughter Sienna loves to watch Storytime with Fergie and Friends and adores her grandmother.

In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, Princess Beatrice, 34, said she was brought up reading several of her mother’s classics and is bringing her daughter up with them.

Speaking fondly of her mother, she said: “My mum being an incredible children’s author, I grew up with Budgie the Helicopter and some incredible role models in this sector and so I’ve always been passionate about it. 

“I really enjoyed story time with Fergie and Friends as well. She brings her humour and her joy to the moment and I think that is really important.” 

Asked if her daughter Sienna enjoys her mum’s YouTube channel, the royal responded: “She [Sienna] loves watching Fergie and Friends and she loves spending time with her grandmother.” 

Later on Beatrice was asked if she would ever write a children’s book, she said: “You give it a go first!”

The royal made the comments at the 10th anniversary of the Oscar’s Book Prize. Beatrice unveiled the winner at the event in Covent Garden, with Jarvis taking home the £10,000 prize for his book, The Boy with Flowers in His Hair.

Beatrice gave a short speech where she reflected on the busy Coronation weekend and spoke of how important reading is for children. 

She also hinted that the Queen, as an enthusiastic reader and supporter of literary projects,  might get involved with the prize going forward. 

The royal said: “[The prize] holds an incredibly special place in my heart the joy that I get when that very special package of books arrives. 

“My stepson and I, who is now seven, we eagerly open the envelope and have a look through these pages.

“Growing up being in a world surrounded by books you have a change to take for granted that not everyone is so lucky.

“We need to remember and do everything that we can in a world of screens and AI and everything that we have, it is moments of community, of coming together of researching that time between parents and children and the next generation that inspires us to keep us going. 

“What I was reminded as well this weekend, it’s been a bit of a big weekend, is that the importance of community cannot be forgotten. 

“I’ve also learned how important literary is to Her Majesty the Queen and I’m hoping that we can work out some fantastic ways to collaborate more with the prize going forward.”

Beatrice’s attendance at the awards marked her first event since the Coronation weekend. She attended the service at Westminster Abbey alongside her father, sister and other senior royals and also stepped out to attend a Street Party on Sunday.

Later on that day she was joined by her parents and sister in the royal box at Windsor Castle for the Coronation Concert. 

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