Princess Eugenie shakes head in shock as 'dear friend' Ellie Goulding speaks of key cause


Princess Eugenie shakes head in shock as 'dear friend' Ellie Goulding speaks of key cause

Princess Eugenie speaks to Ellie Goulding about plastic pollutionThe youngest daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson has been playing her par

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Princess Eugenie speaks to Ellie Goulding about plastic pollution

The youngest daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson has been playing her part in putting the spotlight on the state of sea pollution and on how to protect the biome as she led a series of mini-videos focused on the ocean published on her Instagram account. In the last video of the “Ocean Advocate Series”, Princess Eugenie spoke with her friend and UN Global Environmental Ambassador Ms Goulding about the tons of plastic ending up in the seas every day and the phenomenon of microplastic.

Introducing the video with a caption, the royal wrote on her Instagram account: “In the last interview of this series, and during the UN Ocean Conference, I spoke to my dear friend, environmental activist, and @unep ambassador, @elliegoulding.

“We spoke about how we can all make changes to protect the ocean and why it’s so important.

“Thank you Ellie for leading the way.”

In the chat between the friends, the pop singer explains how the health of our biosphere and what we rely on “really does depend on the health of our oceans”. 

Princess Eugenie shaking her heads

Princess Eugenie shared a mini-video focused on plastic pollution in the oceans (Image: PRINCESS EUGENIE INSTAGRAM)

Princess Eugenie during the video chat

Princess Eugenie listened in shock as Ellie Goulding spoke about plastic pollution (Image: PRINCESS EUGENIE INSTAGRAM)

She continued: “And to find out things like we dump a truckload of plastic into our ocean every minute, every minute of every day… It’s horrifying.”

In the video chat, Eugenie could be seen shaking her head in shock as Ms Goulding went on to warn about the dangers of microplastics.

She said: “And that plastic then gets sort of broken up into teeny-tiny particles called microplastics, and I read a couple of days ago that they have been found for the first time in rain in the Arctic, which is just so scary.”

The artist stressed her belief that taking an interest and playing a part in the protection of the oceans is no longer an “eco-warrior” move. 

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Princess Eugenie posing for a picture to promote a

Princess Eugenie supporting a cause in 2018 (Image: GETTY)

She added: “I just think It’s part of our responsibility as custodians of this planet.”

Asked by Eugenie what can people do to safeguard the oceans, Ms Goulding said: “First of all you can make responsible choices with what you eat, and knowing where your seafood comes from it’s always a good one.

“Obviously single-use plastics, if you can just be aware of it and conscious of it.

“Basically we want as little plastic going into the sea as possible. 


Princess Eugenie wearing an orange dress

Princess Eugenie pictured at St Paul’s Cathedral (Image: GETTY)

Princess Eugenie speaking at the UN

Princess Eugenie is one of the Queen’s granddaughters (Image: GETTY)

“Do some research, see what your local community might be doing, or maybe you could start something, you could be the person that starts something, that’s pretty cool.”

Eugenie’s series began on June 9, recognised as World Oceans Day, and ended ahead of the last day of the UN Ocean Conference held in Lisbon between June 27 and July 1.

The royal has been supporting the cause of the protection of the environment for several years.

In July 2021, she became one of the ambassadors of Blue Marine Foundation, an organisation dedicated to restoring the ocean to health. 

The Royal Family's family tree

The Royal Family’s family tree (Image: EXPRESS)

Princess Eugenie’s mini-series was hugely appreciated by her Instagram followers, with many thanking her for taking the time to put the spotlight on the state of the oceans.

Instagram user roz_hundal wrote: “Appreciate you using your platform to raise awareness on the need to take care of our home – from the ocean to land, the air we breathe to what we eat… we must protect the frailty of nature if we are to survive for years to come. Thank you”.

Another, g63.por, said: “Thank you so much for bringing awareness to the cause”.

Princess Eugenie isn’t the only member of the Royal Family who regularly uses her platform to shine the light on the environment. 

Princess Eugenie with her husband Jack Brooksbank

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank got married in 2018 (Image: GETTY)

Prince Charles started warning five years ago about the risks of pollution and the need to make changes in order to protect the environment.

While his calls to action were initially ignored as the issues of climate change and conservation were not prominent in the world agenda, the Prince of Wales is now widely acknowledged for his leading role in protecting the planet.

Prince William and Prince Harry have followed in their father’s footsteps, and have both launched eco-friendly initiatives.

The Duke of Sussex is leading Travalyst, which aims at making sustainable travel mainstream, while the Duke of Cambridge launched in October 2020 the decade-long Earthshot Prize contest.