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Princess Kate 'fighting back' as she's not expected to 'heal' rift with Meghan for years

NewsPrincess Kate 'fighting back' as she's not expected to 'heal' rift with Meghan for years

The Princess was clean-cut and to the point in her latest outing.

Mr Larcombe said she was “fighting back in the only way she can”.

He added: “The Games are a big deal for Harry. It’s one of the biggest things he does, and Kate is just going to have to grin and bear the fact it’s the Harry and Meghan show while it’s on.

“Her way of dealing with anything they are up to is just to keep a dignified silence and carry on.

“It’s worked very well for her and William so far. Slow and steady wins the race.”

Meghan earned herself a double-dose of headline coverage recently. First, by being photographed at an In-N-Out burger drive-thru in California instead of appearing for the opening of the Games in Düsseldorf on September 9.

When the Duchess arrived in Germany, however, she immediately appeared on stage to make a speech with her husband by her side.

Dressed in a midi-length black shirt dress and black stiletto heels, she apologised to the 1,600 crowd for being “a little late to the party”.

She added that this had been due to managing the school drop-off routine.

Watching a wheelchair-basketball game, Meghan caused the J Crew website to crash after wearing one of their blazers as fans raced to imitate her look.

According to Duncan, the damage done by the duke and duchess washing their dirty linen in public has been especially hurtful to Kate and relations won’t be fixed overnight.

“Some of what Harry and Meghan have said, particularly about Kate, was so personal, and it’s going to take years to heal the hurt because of the damage that’s been done,” he says.

“It’s going to take more than an apology to fix the relationships. I think it could be damaged for the foreseeable future.

“The comments will still get to Kate, and the Games is just another reminder of some of the viciousness that her and William have just had to swallow because they’re not in a position where they can make any reply.”

He pointed out that Kate and William are unable to respond in kind due to their status within the Royal Family.

He said the Invictus Games will end up simply reminding Kate “of all those awful things she was accused of.”

In terms of the Wales’s reaction to the event, he said their silence said more than they ever needed to, commenting: “I think it’s quite noticeable that there are no messages of support so far from William or Kate. That kind of tells you all you need to know in terms of their approval.”

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