PS5 stock hunters get great news – tide turning on stock shortages?

It’s been almost a year since the PS5 first launched, and stock hunters still need Ocean’s Eleven-levels of planning to secure an order in a restock. PS5 restocks are admittedly more plentiful these days than when the Sony console launched last November and in the months that followed. But anyone looking to purchase a PlayStation 5 still need to plan ahead, making sure they’re by a computer the moment a restock becomes available and using lightning reactions to jump on any stock drops ASAP.

While the PS5 is by no means in stock continuously, there are signs the tide is turning on the console’s ongoing shortages. In September the PS5 managed to break the Nintendo Switch’s 33 month streak of being the best selling console in the US. This news was revealed by Mat Piscatella, executive director of retail analytics firm The NPD Group. In a thread on Twitter today Piscatella revealed that last month the PS5 beat the Switch in terms of units sold and total dollar sales.

The last time another platform beat the Switch in US monthly sales was the PS4 back in November 2018.

For the year to date the PS5 is the best selling console in the US in terms of dollar sales, while the Switch has sold the highest number of units.

Piscatella said: “US NPD HW – PlayStation 5 was the best-selling hardware platform of September in both units and dollars. PlayStation 5 is the best-selling hardware platform of 2021 year-to-date in dollars, while Nintendo Switch leads in units.

“US NPD HW – September 2021 snaps the remarkable 33 consecutive month streak that Nintendo Switch was the market’s leading platform in hardware unit sales. November 2018 was the last month a platform other than Nintendo Switch led the market in unit sales (PlayStation 4).”

The PS5 beating the Switch in terms of dollar sales this year may not seem that surprising, considering how much more the PS5’s price is than the Switch.

But the PS5 beating the Switch solely on units sold in September is a turn-up for the books, especially given the PlayStation 5’s persistent stock shortages – and how readily available the Switch is.

Hopefully it’s a sign that Sony are managing to produce far more PS5 these days, and fingers crossed that this continues and keeps on improving.

In other sales news, VGChartz in a post online has given an update on the latest sales figures for the console market.

And according to lates figures, the PS5 is believed to have sold almost five million more consoles than the Xbox Series X and S.

VGChartz said in the period leading up to October 9 2021 the PS5 had sold an estimated 12.73million units since launch.

While the Xbox Series X and S – which hit shelves before the PS5 – has sold 7.78million units during its lifetime.

The Nintendo Switch, however, is expected to have sold 92.45million units since launching in 2017.

It means the Switch shouldn’t be too far away from overtaking the Nintendo Wii as the best selling Ninty console of all time.

The Wii sold 101.63million units during its lifetime.

Once the Switch overtakes the Wii it will end up being the sixth best selling console of all time.

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