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Putin's 'Nazi-style' ghettos where Ukrainians 'forced to work or fight' and 'left to die'

NewsPutin's 'Nazi-style' ghettos where Ukrainians 'forced to work or fight' and 'left to die'

Russia has been keeping Ukrainians in horrific “Nazi-style” filtration camps, an open-source investigation has claimed. Thousands of Ukrainians are reportedly being forced to work or fight on the frontline – while anyone too sick to do so is “left to die”.

The camps have been exposed by open source intelligence community Molfar, who put together and analyse publicly available information to form investigations.

In a report they shared with the Sun, the shocking conditions of Russian filtration camps, reminiscent of the brutal Jewish ghettos created by the Nazis, have been exposed.

According to the Ukrainian Ombudsman for Human Rights in Lyudmyla Denisov, network of these camps has been set up across Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine to “filter” civilians.

Those forced to enter the camps have their fingerprints taken, phones checked and documents taken from them – reportedly with the intention of rooting out Ukrainian fighters.

According to Molfar, those who remain are given certificates that allow them to travel in the areas around the camp or in and out of the city, while others are loaded onto trains and taken to remote parts of Russia.

Horrific images reveal the overcrowding and lack of nutrition prevalent in the camps.

Tuberculosis is also rife, and in at least one instance those infected were locked inside a school gym and denied medical care.

Russia claims they are not forcibly moving Ukrainians into the camps, and refers to them only as evacuations.

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Anyone who tries to escape is detained and beaten. A man was reported to have died from his injuries from such an attempt at a camp in the village of Kozatske.

Meanwhile, in December, the Office of the United Nations Commission for Human Rights reported that Russian security services had forcibly disappeared a woman who failed the “filtration process”.

Local Ukrainian reports suggest those who are loaded on to trains back to Russia are taken to remote parts of the country, such as Rostov and Krasnodar, in a strategy that constitutes a war crime under the 1949 Geneva Convention.

Speaking to Ukrainian news site Ukrinform, Lyudmila Denisova says a witness reported 300 Ukrainians had been loaded onto a train bound for Siberia – while Dmytro Lubinets, the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights, claims at least 2 million 800 thousand Ukrainians have been deported to or forced to leave for Russia since February 2022.

The United Nations estimates that there are 2.5 million Ukrainians who have been forcibly deported to Russia.

Earlier this year chilling emails revealed Vladimir Putin wanted a “total cleansing” of Ukraine with “house-to-house terror” designed to quell the invaded nation’s people.

A source within the FSB leaked the emails to Vladimir Osechkin, founder of anti-Russian torture network Gulagu, which reveals the genocidal plan Putin had for Ukraine had they not so stiffly resisted his invasion.

According to The Sun, the FSB source says the intelligence agency was going to be assisted by the Russian military during the “total cleansing” of Ukraine’s social fabric, so that they could “install any government in Kyiv.”

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