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Puzzle designed for children as young as four leaves dad baffled – can you solve it?

NewsPuzzle designed for children as young as four leaves dad baffled – can you solve it?

A puzzle designed for children aged four to six has baffled people after a dad posted his son’s workbook.

The dad, from the UK, asked social media users if he was “thick” following his struggles in unpacking a riddle that asked challengers to form a word using picture prompts.

The puzzle requires children to spell out the word “moon” as indicated by a clear graphic included on the page.

But the pictures below four boxes – which provide clues for each letter – baffled adults.

One image in particular proved near impossible for dozens of people to crack.

Posting on Reddit, a user who went by u/dpm_259 posted the picture to the r/CasualUK forum.

He asked whether he was “being thick”, and said the puzzle was included in a “children’s book age four to six”.

The clues for the first three boxes are easily deciphered, with a monkey, octopus and olives indicating “M-O-O”.

The fourth, a pictogram of a flower, but the dad and other users were unsure how this indicated the letter “N”.

The dad sparked a debate in the comments below the post when he said his partner believed the image represents “Narcissus” – a type of flower.

Narcissus flowers are otherwise known as Daffodils, seemingly matching the picture.

But the dad said he felt this clue was “a bit much for the age range…”.

While people agreed with his partner in the comment section below, many users took the opportunity to poke fun at the dad.

One user amassed 12,000 upvotes after they said the clue must be “Naffodil”, while another added: “It’s ‘Nice Flower’ for ‘N’.”

Another said: “I love that you still refuse to write the letter until you know what it is, despite that smug-arse moon staring at you like you’re a moron.”

Several users agreed there was a disconnect between the author and their audience but questioned who knew the lesser-known name for Daffodil.

One Redditor said: “Yeah. I’m afraid a daffodil is also a narcissus. Please introduce me to the 5 yr old that knows that.”

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