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Queen Camilla ‘rarely deviates’ from shirt dresses but should ‘try more bold colours’

NewsQueen Camilla ‘rarely deviates’ from shirt dresses but should ‘try more bold colours’

Queen Camilla turned 76 years old today and is likely celebrating with her husband King Charles, her children and her grandchildren.

The Queen is well known for her shirt dresses and coat dresses which she frequently wears during royal engagements.

Fashion experts spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to explain Camilla’s style formula and how she always wears the same type of outfits.

Style expert Leroy Dawkins said: “For her age, Queen Camilla dresses remarkably well but tends to stick to the same style of dress whether it be for a daytime engagement or an evening black tie event.

“The dresses of her choice are normally over-the-knee flowing plain or print-a-line dresses, accompanied by a matching coat and big and bold hats.

“For the evening, Camilla opts for the same style but full length and sequinned. I think the Queen would benefit a lot by stepping out of her comfort zone and trying more bold colours, different shapes and dare I say, different lengths with her clothing.”

Mr Dawkins explained which outfits would work the best for Queen Camilla’s figure: “As a stylist, I would prefer to see Queen Camilla’s hemline come up just a little and see her wear more structured fabrics and more form-fitting sheath dresses like other royal ladies.

“With hats and shoes, I would recommend trying more forward-facing hats, smaller ones also and not so decorative.

“That said, hats should be playful so have fun with them. Camilla’s shoes should also be slightly higher and a little bit more youthful.

“For the evenings, she could try experimenting with more form-fitting, shorter-sleeve dresses, with her hemline lowered so her shoes are not showing.

“In addition, she could try more playful colours as the Queen tends to stick to darker colours with her evening wear.”

Megan Watkins, the Head Stylist at fashion destination SilkFred also spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to explain Camilla’s go-to style.

She said: “Like the late Queen, Camilla has her own personal sense of style and rarely deviates from it. This includes stylish coat dresses, brightly-coloured hats and a signature string of pearls.

“In terms of dresses, Camilla leans toward styles that include long sleeves, ankle-skimming lengths and often a collar – her love for shirt dresses is well documented. She is also a fan of bold, seasonal patterns and head-turning colours.

“The Queen obviously feels comfortable with these styles, which is certainly not a bad thing. Her dresses often have high-cut necklines and a slightly cinched waist which shows off her figure in a modest way, while the prints and colours she chooses are where she can express her personality.

“Although some may say she doesn’t take enough risks with her fashion choices, it is obvious, through her style, that Camilla does not want to overshadow or stand out when attending royal events.

“If she really wanted to make a statement though, I think she would look phenomenal in a square-necked style, perhaps with a more exaggerated waistline.”

Ms Watkins explained what Queen Camilla should wear that would look fantastic on Her Majesty.

She added: “Like Camilla has shown us time and time again, you can’t go wrong with an ankle-length shirt dress. The collar detail accentuates one’s décolletage, whilst not being revealing and the midi length with a classic heel can slim the look of ankles.

“Although we often don’t see Camilla in trousers, I think she, and others with similar body types, would look great in some casual linen trousers in navy or beige and a flowy, oversized shirt for a breezy, summer-ready look.

“For something more dressed up, a slim-fit blazer with slim-fit cigarette suit trousers work perfectly, especially if you want to experiment with colour.”

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