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Rare ‘error coin’ sold for over £80,000 – full list of 10 ‘valuable’ coins in the US

NewsRare ‘error coin’ sold for over £80,000 - full list of 10 ‘valuable’ coins in the US

A full list of the top 10 “error coins” in the US has been published by SD Bullion, the precious metals dealer. The “most valuable” coin on the full sold on eBay for the equivalent of nearly £6,000 earlier this year, but has once been purchased for over £80,000 at an auction.

It’s important to remember that it’s down to the buyer as to how much they bid, likewise how much the seller decides to list it for.

Here is a full list of the ten “error coin” sales since January 2023 on eBay, alongside the years the currency was minted.

Year Minted         Coin Name                                              eBay sold price ($/£)

1937                  Three Legs Buffalo Nickel                          $7,400/£5,973.28

1942                  Mercury Dime                                          $3,900/£3,148.08

1955                  DDO Lincoln Cent                                     $3,663/£2,956.77

1935                  DDR Buffalo Nickel                                   $2,504/£2,021.23

1965                  Silver Washington Quarter                        $2,500/£2,018

1922                  ‘No D’ Lincoln Cent                                   $1,977/£1,595.83

2004                  Extra Leaf Wisconsin State Quarter            $1,650/£1,331.88

1943                  Doubled Die Obverse Quarter                    $1,550/£1251.16

1999                  Unfinished Proof Dies Gold Eagle               $1,499.99/£1210.79

2000                  Wounded Eagle Sacagawea Dollar             $699.95/£565

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While coin collecting has been a hobby for centuries, collectors are increasingly on the hunt for error coins.

A coin is determined to be an error coin if there was a mistake while it was being manufactured by a mint.

Error coins are often considered to be outside acceptable tolerance limits for currency.

Strike errors, planchet errors and die errors are the three primary mistakes which are made and result in error coins.

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The top-selling coin that has been purchased on eBay since January 2023 is a Three Legs Buffalo Nickel.

This item sold for $7,400 (£5,973.28) and the reverse of the coin spotlights a buffalo with a missing front leg.

It is likely this error came about due to a damaged reverse die when it was originally minted back in 1937 be the result of a damaged reverse die when it was minted.

While it sold for thousands in February 2023, it was once purchased for a record price at a private auction of $99,875 (£80,619.20).

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A spokesperson for SD Bullion added: “There are many variations of coin errors to be found although it is more difficult to find one in your pocket change now due to credit cards being used more often than cash.

“Generally, the older a coin is, the more valuable it is. However, if there is a limited run of a design such as the state quarters in 2004, this can also increase the value of any error coins found.

“Collectors can find coins through coin shows such as those run by the American Numismatic Association which often offer on-site grading.

“Coins can also be purchased through local coin shops and online auctions, but it is important to verify the coin is genuine.”

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