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Rare frontline footage shows Russian special forces hiding spot being wiped out by Ukraine

NewsRare frontline footage shows Russian special forces hiding spot being wiped out by Ukraine

A video posted on social media allegedly shows a Ukrainian soldier undertaking an assault in or around a Russian forces dugout.

X (formerly Twitter) user @Rinegati posted the clip, which shows a soldier clad in gear entering a Russian held dugout area.

The person then drops a device into the area, before retreating and ducking for cover as it explodes.

Where the soldier drops the device there is a black mass, indicating it could be a person – although this is not immediately clear from the footage.

“This is footage from a special reconnaissance raid with an assault in the Andriivka [Avdiivka] area,” the X user wrote to accompany the video.

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“The scouts attacked the positions of the 72nd omsbr and the 10th special forces brigade of the russ [Russians] at night, eliminating enemy observers right in holes and dugouts.

“The fighters successfully took over radio stations, weapons and destroyed all occupiers on the approaches to the village.

“Three more rus [Russians] were eliminated by several drops from the UAV in the city itself.”

Express.co.uk is not able to verify the report and accompanying the video at this time and has contacted the Ukraine Armed Forces for confirmation.

Russia and Ukraine have been locked in fierce fighting around the Avdiivka region of Ukraine, a bottle nose between Russian-claimed territories and unoccupied Ukraine.

The UK Ministry of Defence said in an update over the weekend that intense ground fighting has been taking place in Avdiivka, which is in the Donetsk Oblast, one of the most heavily battered areas of the war.

UK intelligence said that Russian forces are losing “500 to 1,000 people a day” in this area as the battle for control of the town continues.

General Oleksandr Tarnavskiy, who is leading the Ukrainian counteroffensive in the south, said Ukrainian soldiers “are firmly holding the defense in the direction of Avdiivka.”

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