‘Reckless’ and ‘stupid’: E-scooter rider seen driving down hard shoulder of motorway

Onlooking drivers were said to be shocked when they saw the E-scooter travelling down the M42 from Coleshill. The scooter driver who was snapped driving along the hard shoulder looked very casual despite the obvious danger that was present.

Josh Giff, who drove past the scooter said: “I was travelling down the M42, between Junction 5 and 6, near Solihull, when I noticed someone riding down the hard shoulder.

“We also didn’t see any cars broken down, so it looks as if he was on his daily commute.”

Josh commented to BirminghamLive: “I have an e-scooter that I use regularly, but I’d never dream of being that stupid.

“When I saw the traffic slowing down, that’s when I noticed him.

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Those caught face the threat of a fine, penalty points or having their e-scooter impounded if caught.

Highways England traffic officer Dave Harford, who attends incidents on the M42, criticised the driver for attempting to drive on the motorway.

He said: “The M42 is a really busy motorway, and this type of activity is not only illegal but it’s also reckless.

“We’d remind those using e-scooters to use them properly and familiarise themselves with the law around where they can be used before setting off.”

Birmingham, along with other towns and cities across the UK, have been trialling the E-scooters for almost a year. 

The trial in Birmingham has seen roughly one million rides take place since its launch in October last year.

Swedish firm Voi Technology estimated that around 370,000 car trips have been replaced since the beginning of the trial.

That is the equivalent of saving over 200 tonnes of carbon emissions.

E-scooters have been a source of debate over the past few weeks with numerous incidents, even some resulting in people losing their lives.

Over the weekend, a police officer broke his leg and suffered a concussion after being hit by an E-scooter.

The Metropolitan Police seized 507 privately-owned E-scooters in just seven days last month.

The police are also concerned that an increasing number of E-scooters are being used in crimes.

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