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Remainer Lord Hesteltine cut off after launching into anti-Brexit rant live on Sky News

NewsRemainer Lord Hesteltine cut off after launching into anti-Brexit rant live on Sky News

Kay Burley was forced to cut off Lord Heseltine after he launched into an anti-Brexit rant on Sky News.

Lord Heseltine was being interviewed about the Privileges Committee report into whether or not Boris Johnson misled the House of Commons over Partygate.

But instead, the staunch Remainer moved on to advocate for “restoring our relationship with Europe”, describing Brexit as one of the “most economically damaging decisions of modern times”.

He claimed the decision was made on “the basis of lies”.

But Ms Burley was forced to interject, asking him to return to the subject of the report, published earlier today.

The committee report concluded that Boris Johnson misled MPs on multiple occasions over Partygate.

Speaking about their findings, Lord Heseltine said: “All of this is about lying in the most senior of public office and you can’t escape from the consequences of that on Brexit because we left the EU – one of the worst decisions, the most regrettable decisions, most economically damaging decisions of modern times – on the basis of lies.

“Of which, Boris Johnson was the principal architect.

“What this does for the majority – who know that Brexit has failed – it is a clarion call to begin the process of restoring our relationship with Europe.

“We are Europeans. We are a part of Europe. We are central to their defence. We are dependent on their home market and there are no credible ways to make a success of the British Economy.”

Ms Burley interjected: “My Lord, if I can bring you back to the report as well though which was published in the last 45 minutes.”


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