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Remarkable moment King Charles accepted offer of tea from complete strangers

NewsRemarkable moment King Charles accepted offer of tea from complete strangers

In 1999, King Charles III accepted the offer of tea from complete strangers during a royal visit – as Prince Charles – to Brighton. Ms Sewell claimed she met the now-King when she and her taxi driver husband lived next door to a newly-opened housing project for the homeless on College Road, Kemp Town. Amanda claimed the now King was “so relaxed, down to earth and lovely”.

“And I got out a silver tray with all the accompaniments for the tea, all polished. I even bought a cake.”

She added that Charles, who admired all the antiques and paintings in their front room, accepted Earl Grey tea – taking it with two sugars and milk.

She added that he did decline having a slice of the victoria sponge cake she had bought from the local bakery.

She said that he was “very interested” in the art in her home, with Amanda pointing out things “that he might want to see”.

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After the encounter, Amanda claimed that she was a “massive fan of his after this”, with the couple not particularly engaged with the Royal Family previously – until this day.

Referring to the now-King as “terrific”, adding that he was “so much more handsome than in real life than in photographs”.

Crediting the late Princess Diana, she added the late royal must have “helped him to become so approachable [and] warm”.

Following the royal encounter, Amanda and Nick appeared in their local newspaper

For a while afterwards, Amanda said that her friends referred to her as “Your Royal Tea-ness”.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Amanda said that she was pleased her experience had brought a small amount of joy to the local community.

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