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Rishi Sunak's Tories in 'total freefall' as poll predicts 303-seat loss and Reform surge

NewsRishi Sunak's Tories in 'total freefall' as poll predicts 303-seat loss and Reform surge

A terrible week for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has been topped off with a new poll which suggests his party is set to lose 303 seats at the next election.

With rebel Tory MPs on the right of the party weighing up whether to launch a bid to remove him as party leader, the weekly Techne UK tracker poll gave Labour a 24 percent lead.

Among those who said how they would vote in the survey of 1,632 people, 46 percent said they backed Labour with just 22 percent supporting the Tories.

The Lib Dems were on 11 percent, Reform UK was up one to eight percent and the Greens on seven percent.

According to Electoral Calculus, the widely used prediction website, it would leave the Conservatives on a mere 63 seats down 302 from the last election.

Labour would have a massive majority of 362.

One Tory MP last night said: “We are in total freefall. It really can’t get worse.”

But the Techne poll has been the kindest to the Conservatives since Mr Sunak made his controversial reshuffle where he sacked rightwinger Suella Braverman as Home Secretary and brought in former Prime Minister David Cameron as Foreign Secretary.

One poll had the Labour lead on 30 points and a second at 27 points both with the Tories marooned on 19 percent.

The reshuffle tacked the party to the left with MPs on the right calling it “a declaration of war”.

But with MPs plotting to remove him the chaos did not end there for Mr Sunak with the Surpreme Court throwing his policy on illegal immigration into crisis by upholding a decision by the Appeal Court to block it.

Techne UK chief executive Michela Morizzo said: “Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has done a reshuffle which, at the moment, appears to leave the key issues for the citizens unresolved.

“This is also why trust in the Government drops by a significant two percent compared to last week, a figure that brings the Government closer to the ‘risk threshold’ of 30 percent.

“The trend also inevitably impacts the voting intentions with the Conservatives losing three points compared to seven days ago.

“There is a cold coherence in these data: while energy bills continue to keep family budgets under pressure and the cost of living bites even more deeply, the reshuffle seems a move far from the real needs of the people, an aesthetic response to a structural problem.

“In this scenario, the Labour Party finds itself in a potentially stronger position, gathering support almost by inertia. However, this is not a victory until it translates into effective policies and concrete answers to the needs resonating in citizens’ lives.”

The data is shocking for the Conservatives revealing that 60 percent of those who voted for them in 2019 have not abandoned the party.

Worse still only a quarter of Brexit voters are sticking with the Tories with one in five (20 percent) now supporting Labour despite their leader Sir Keir Starmer being a former leading Remainer.

Labour leads in every age and socio-economic category.

But most worryingly for the Tories, their biggest traditional area of support pensioners now give Labour a 10-point lead by 39 percent to 29 percent among those who have decided how to vote.

A quarter of those surveyed has said they will not vote including 12 percent of 2019 Tory voters, the biggest proportion for any party.

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