Rockstar Games releases new GTA Online update, fixes Los Santos Tuners bugs

Elsewhere, TezFunz2 also posted a helpful spreadsheet which reveals the best ways to earn reputation for the Los Santos Tuners DLC.

The GTA leaker revealed doing most of the daily bonuses (bar Scramble, Head-to-Head and Sprint races) will net you 400 points.

That should provide plenty of RP to get you up to level 63, after which you’ll near to earn more.

The most of amount of RP can be earned by AFKing at the Car Meet while wearing Car Meet clothing.

Sharing this helpful info, Tezfunz2 tweeted: “Helpful and informative spreadsheet from @ash__274.

“Doing most of the daily bonuses (excluding Scramble, H2H, Sprint races) earns you 400 points.

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