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Royal Family LIVE: Sussexes accused of ‘attention-seeking stunt’ after 'bizarre' move

NewsRoyal Family LIVE: Sussexes accused of ‘attention-seeking stunt’ after 'bizarre' move

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s recent public outing to watch the LA Lakers, at the same time Prince William was attending a sombre Anzac Day ceremony, has been branded blatant “attention seeking”, by a royal expert.

News.com.au’s Daniela Elser took aim at the California-based royal couple for, in her view, cynically appearing at Crypto.com arena to put on a show of affection for the cameras, at the very moment the royal household was preparing for the King’s historic coronation.

The royal writer said that “even if we chalk up the timing of the Sussexes’ outing with William’s Anzac engagement as entirely accidental, the fact that the couple – and Meghan especially – has returned to the limelight with a vengeance so close to Charles’ coronation is a different story entirely.

“Like two Real Housewives eager to shore up their celebrity credentials, here we have the King’s son and daughter-in-law indulging in one of the staple La La Land attention-seeking plays that is so blatant I thought it had gone the way of the flip phone and Paris Hilton’s pretend bimbo act.”

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