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Royal superfan locked up for sitting too close to Just Stop Oil Coronation protesters

NewsRoyal superfan locked up for sitting too close to Just Stop Oil Coronation protesters

Ms Chambers told The i that she was told by police that she was being arrested on suspicion of “potential to cause a breach of the peace” at around 9am on the day of the Coronation.

Ms Chambers, an Australian architect who had travelled alone to the Mall, said: “I was just sitting on my little stool and I noticed there was some yelling and then some police swooped in and were pushing the crowd back.

“I went to get up and two police officers just grabbed me and handcuffed me. I think they arrested me before they asked a question. I feel like once I was in the system they didn’t listen, I tried to explain that I wasn’t part of the group.”

Following her arrest, Ms Chambers was repeatedly questioned, subject to physical searches and had her DNA, prints, and mugshot taken.

It wasn’t until a shocking 13 hours later that police realised she was an innocent bystander and that they’d made a mistake.

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She said the only question they asked her was why she was on the Mall. After that, she explained that she’d been down there since 7am to get a good spot ahead of the Coronation Procession.

Ms Chambers added: “They looked at each other and then they asked ‘Have you ever heard of Just Stop Oil?’ I said, ‘Up until today no.’ They said we have no further questions and we’re really sorry you’ve been caught up in this.”

Despite the police acknowledging their mistake, Ms Chambers wouldn’t be released from Wandsworth police station for another two agonising hours before she was released at 10pm.

Ms Chambers’ terrifying account comes after a humiliating week for the Met Police that has received a tsunami of criticism for the way they acted during the Coronation.

On Monday the Met Police was forced to climb down over the arrest of six protesters from the anti-monarchy pressure group Republic.

These protests attracted particular attention as the six in question, including the group’s CEO Graham Smith, were arrested before they had had a chance to protest.

The Met Police later said they found no evidence that the group were planning to disrupt the Coronation.

Despite the climb down, Met Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak have defended the force’s actions.

Writing in the Evening Standard, Sir Rowley said: “While it is unfortunate that the six people affected by this were unable to join the hundreds of peaceful protestors, I support the officers’ actions in this unique fast moving operational context.”

Speaking to Sky on Tuesday, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: “Of course, people have the right to protest freely but peacefully, but it is also right that people have the ability to go about their day-to-day lives without facing serious disruption.

“And what the government has done is give police the powers that they need to tackle instances of serious disruption to their lives.

“I think that’s the right thing to do and police will make decisions on when they use those powers.”

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