Russia fears China' Xi Jinping to put increasing pressure on Putin in exchange for help

Russian President Putin has been waging war on Ukraine for over three weeks, despite sanctions and peace talks, Putin has not stopped on his bloody

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Russian President Putin has been waging war on Ukraine for over three weeks, despite sanctions and peace talks, Putin has not stopped on his bloody warpath of terror. Political pundits have been speculating as to why President of China Xi Jinping has not offered Russia major support. Lord Dannatt claims that Russia fears China due to the country’s economic status. Lord Dannatt also explained the way to end the invasion was by negotiating around a table instead of a battlefield.

Lord Dannatt said: “Russia fears China, because of China’s burgeoning economic growth.

“But at the same time, Russia needs a friend, and because of that linkage, which has got stronger in recent days.

“Going right back to the meeting at the start of the two leaders, at the start of the Winter Olympics, it does give the Chinese an opportunity to be the one to put pressure on Russia.

“To put pressure on Vladimir Putin, to say look whatever you were trying to do, is not succeeding.

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Lord Dannatt added: “This has got to stop, we’ve got to find a negotiated solution to this.

“So I think a return by one means to another to negotiation, is really critical. 

“The other point is, of course, the West is absolutely right to go on supplying the Ukrainians with ammunition, with additional weapons, with anti-tank weapons, anti-aircraft weapons to stifle and enable their resistance.

“Their spirit is fantastic, they will at some point run short of weapons and ammunition, and we should quite properly go on supplying them.

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Lord Dannatt said: “But I think it has to be remembered that conflicts such as this throughout history rarely end with one 4side wining and the other side being defeated.

“They invariably end around a negotiating table, and the sooner the parties can realise that, and in particular Putin can realise that then the sooner they’ll get around a table and start to negotiate.”

Due to China and Russia’s political alliance, many experts have been sharing their own opinions as to why Xi Jinping has not offered more weapons and funds to Russia.

Some have claimed that Putin’s murderous campaign would effectively hurt the reputation of Xi.

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Ukrainian Diplomat, Vadym Prystaiko claimed that China had its own invested interests.

Mr Prystaiko said: “I believe that the Chinese are now watching them and eyeing Siberia what they always wanted.”

He added: “The resources from Siberia Russia, they don’t believe that Russia is an equal partner.

“They want a resource base for them, so China will definitely play their own game.”