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Senior SNP members fear Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘inevitable’ arrest is imminent

NewsSenior SNP members fear Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘inevitable’ arrest is imminent

Senior members of the SNP are braced for Nicola Sturgeon’s “imminent” arrest, according to The Times, now she is the only party official named on their most recent financial accounts who hasn’t been interviewed by the police. Ms Sturgeon’s name appeared on the 2021-22 accounts, alongside her husband Peter Murrell and Colin Beattie, both of whom have been arrested and questioned. 

Ms Sturgeon previously said she would “fully cooperate” with Police Scotland if required. 

The arrest of Colin Beattie yesterday morning overshadowed Humza Yousaf’s attempted relaunch of his leadership, amid a police investigation into concerns about how £600,000 raised by SNP supporters specifically to fund a second independence campaign had been spent. 

Peter Murrell was arrested a fortnight ago and interviewed for 11 hours by the police. 

Both he and Mr Beattie were subsequently released without charge pending further investigation. 

One SNP politician told the Times: “Nicola must be next to be interviewed, it’s inevitable”.

Another said: “It’s obvious there’s a list and Nicola’s name is on it”.

Yesterday Sky News drew comparison with the 2006 cash-for-honours scandal, in which Tony Blair was interviewed by police three times, though wasn’t arrested. 

Sky’s Jon Craig wrote: “How long before Nicola Sturgeon is interviewed in the police probe into the SNP’s finances? The closest precedent suggests it’s surely only a matter of time.”

He noted that the demands in 2006/7 for a cash-for-honours inquiry by police were led by the SNP MP Angus MacNeil. 

Yesterday, Humza Yousaf told reporters in Holyrood: “I haven’t spoken to Nicola in the last couple of weeks, but I will get to speak to Nicola, I am certain I will. 

“But one thing Nicola and I will not be talking about is the police investigation. That would be wholly inappropriate.”

Meghan Gallacher, the deputy leader of the Scottish Tories, said Mr Yousaf should “tackle this scandal head-on and prove he is his own man” by suspending Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrell.

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