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Seven recycling bins per household scheme delayed in fear of voter backlash

NewsSeven recycling bins per household scheme delayed in fear of voter backlash

Recycling plans that could see every household with seven bins to sort through are reportedly being delayed until after local elections as the strategy sees a backlash from voters. The Government is planning to make all recycling across England consistent with the new plans.

The new strategy would make recycling more effective by reducing contamination between different materials. 

But sources have told the Telegraph that the Government is delaying the move out of fear of a backlash as local elections approach.

A waste industry source told the outlet: “Local authorities just don’t want to do it.

“For some that have made a political decision to try and keep recycling as simple as possible, and forget the recycling rate, it will definitely be less palatable.”

A district council source added the scheme could be “counterproductive.”

They said: “The notion that there are environmental benefits from having potentially seven lorries on the roads whereas there was one previously, is dubious.”

Six out of 10 councils currently collect their recycling waste in one container, and councillors have said the plans would be unworkable across the country.

The Government is trying to meet their recycling rate target of 65 percent of council waste by 2035 – but rates have flatlined at around 45 percent since 2015.

They had reportedly intended to unveil the new plan in March, but the announcement will now wait until after local polling day on May 4.

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Shadow Environment Secretary Jim McMahon demanded the Government tell Brits what their plan is for shaking up recycling, saying: “The Conservatives have let neighbourhoods be buried under an avalanche of litter and dumped rubbish – leaving communities feeling powerless over their own local area.

“Now it appears the Government are not willing to come clean and tell households what their plans are for changing waste collection services across England until after the local elections in May.

“The next Labour government will clean up Britain by tackling the scourge of anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping. We will introduce clean-up squads to ensure those who make the mess, clean up the mess.”

The seven separate bins are a result of glass, paper, plastic and metal waste all being collected separately, as well as food waste, which would be collected once every week.

Councils will also have to provide garden waste collection, and plans to make this free for households are expected to be dropped.

Households are set to be given separate containers for all six types of recycling, plus their regular black bin for any rubbish going to landfill or incineration.

Councils will be able to apply for exemptions that will allow them to collect recycling in one container, as long as they can prove the changes would be too difficult or expensive.

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