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Single mother ecstatic over coupon savings after spending £2 on £481 worth of groceries

NewsSingle mother ecstatic over coupon savings after spending £2 on £481 worth of groceries

One woman slashed her £320.48 supermarket bill to pennies thanks to using coupons. Single mother Chrystie has become a savings expert thanks to her grocery habit and appeared on the first season of TLC’s Extreme Couponing.

While on the reality television program, she cut a shopping bill worth $399 (£399) to only 0.43¢ (0.35p).

Extreme Couponing spotlights shoppers who make significant savings thanks to using coupons and other concessions.

The majority of extreme couponers stockpile hundreds of items in their home or in storage as a result of their spending.

Despite limited space in her apartment, Chrystie has begun stockpiling her various coupon savings.

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Her kitchen cabinets hold hundreds of products including more than 40 boxes of cereal and pasta, with expensive toiletries filling up three drawers in her dining room.

Due to stockpiling, she has given personal belongings to her ex-husband Nick in order to make more room for items.

When the pair got divorced, the financial hardship Chrystie faced led to her couponing in the first place.

She explained: “I thought I’m on my own. What would I do to be able to provide for my kids? That was absolutely frightening.

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“I did some research and I found there were women who were just saving tonnes of money. I thought I could do this.

“I am hoping to get somewhere over $600 (£481.92) worth of products for less than $5 (£4.02) out of pocket. That’s my goal.”

Bringing Extreme Couponing cameras along to follow her shopping spree, Chrystie went on the hunt for the best deals to take advantage of.

Upon finishing her ship, the extreme couponer decided it would be useful to make three separate transactions.

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This is because the supermarket had a limit on the number of coupons that could be used per transaction.

Her first transaction of 40 products came to $61.02 (£49.01), however with coupons and discounts from loyalty cards applied, this was reduced to one penny.

For her second transaction, the total bill came to $154.08 (£123.76) which was slashed to $2.44 (£1.96) through couponing.

Chrystie’s final and third transaction included over 100 items which came to a massive final bill of $399.44 (£320.83).

With her in-store savings card, this amount was reduced to $159.11 and slashed even further to $20.42 (£16.40).

This was higher than Chrystie expected. However, after examination of the receipt and changing how the coupons were used, this was cut to 0.43¢ (0.35p).

In reaction to her savings success, she said: “I have a rush right now. I spent less than $3 (£2.41) and over $600 (£481.92).”

Those interested in learning more about saving money can watch Extreme Couponing on fuboTV or Discovery+.

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