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Sinn Fein leader's Coronation invite is a 'grotesque insult', Neil Hamilton fumes

NewsSinn Fein leader's Coronation invite is a 'grotesque insult', Neil Hamilton fumes

Former MP Neil Hamilton slammed Sinn Fein leader Michelle O’Neill’s invitation to the King’s Coronation as a “grotesque insult”. While appearing on GB News last night, Mr Hamilton lambasted the Sinn Fein leader’s decision to accept the invitation as other notable people were snubbed on the exclusive guestlist.

Speaking to host Dan Wootton, the leader of UKIP fumed over the guestlist for the Coronation which is just around the corner.

While Michelle O’Neill controversially received an invitation, royal relative and younger daughter of Lord Mountbatten Lady Pamela was not invited to the grand event in under two week’s time.

Mr Hamilton said: “I think it’s absolutely grotesque that Lady Pamela has not been invited to the Coronation.

“After all, the last coronation had 8,000 people and this one is going to have only 2,000.

“The idea that there isn’t room for one more single person in Westminster Abbey is absurd. And if that were the case, the idea that Michelle O’Neill should take Lady Pamela’s place is utterly grotesque.

“Her family is drenched in the blood of innocent victims of IRA murder and mayhem throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s.

“Maybe now she is genuine in her desire for reconciliation with Northern Ireland but she has never expressed the slightest regret over the murder of Lord Moutbatten or anyone else.

“There is no reason why she should be invited to the Coronation.”

Accompanying her will be Alex Maskey, her party colleague and the current Speaker of the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Ms O’Neill said we are living “in a great time of change… a time to respect our differing and equally legitimate aspirations”.

During the Troubles, the Republican party served as the political branch of the Provisional IRA, and they have consistently opposed the monarchy, especially with regards to its involvement in Northern Ireland.

Sinn Fein MPs abstain from taking their seats in Westminster, in part, due to the fact that they are mandated to pledge loyalty to the head of the Royal Family.

Mr Hamilton added: “She is a republican, first and foremost and an Irish republican secondly. And the idea that she is at the Coronation is an insult to the rest of us in the United Kingdom who do believe that the monarchy is a force for good and believe in the union of Northern Ireland with Great Britain.”

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