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Spate of unprovoked fruit throwing attacks in Sussex leads to desperate police appeal

NewsSpate of unprovoked fruit throwing attacks in Sussex leads to desperate police appeal

A serial fruit thrower is believed to be on the loose in Sussex after multiple residents fell victim to the bizarre attacks. Thus far, a number of individuals were the targets of unprovoked attacks, leaving two with serious injuries.

According to police, on seven occasions, a vehicle is believed to have thrown apples, tomatoes and other unidentified objects.

According to the police, one woman suffered a broken cheekbone after being struck in the face by a piece of fruit thrown from a moving vehicle.

The series of strange assaults included an incident on April 12 in which a person was hit in the face with an apple while walking on Bohemia Road in Hastings.

The following evening, someone was struck in the arm with a tomato while walking along Firle Road in Eastbourne.

Later that same day, two additional assaults took place in the Bourne area of Hastings, one of which involved a person being hit in the head with a tomato and the other with an unknown object, both resulting in serious injuries.

The victims – whose ages range from 25 to 49 – are not believed to be acquainted with one another.

Sussex Police are urging any witnesses or anyone with information to come forward.

Investigator Caroline Bendell said: “Most of these attacks have occurred during daytime hours when the victims have been out alone in open and public places.

“In all cases, the victims have been going about their daily routine when they have been hit by items believed to have been thrown or propelled in some way from a vehicle.

“There have been no links established between each of the victims, however it is believed that these incidents are part of a series.

“We are asking any witnesses to come forward, as well as any further victims.”

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