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Starmer's talent for missing open goals during PMQs is why Labour will fail – DAVID MADDOX

NewsStarmer's talent for missing open goals during PMQs is why Labour will fail – DAVID MADDOX

The Tories are in chaos, their current leader and former leader seem to be locked in a battle of mutual destruction, the country is fed up and dealing with a cost of living crisis and over the last few days senior Tories have been locked in a row about who gets what honours which has little or no bearing on the lives of the rank and file.

In football parlance, this should have been the easiest open goal tap-in for Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer as he lined up his shots at Rishi Sunak today.

In effect the goalkeeper had left the field to have a punch-up with the manager, the rest of the team was sitting on the ground and there was nothing to stop him from scoring.

But instead, Sir Keir managed to outdo Ronnie Rosenthal’s iconic miss in 1992 against Aston Villa when clean through he managed to blast the ball against the crossbar and watch it bounce back over his head.

Even with a comfortable lead in the polls, Starmer seems unable to score against Sunak.

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It all seemed so easy as he took the route one attack following the expected condolences on the Nottingham terror attack and sixth anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire.

Starmer asked why, at a time of a cost of living crisis and rising mortgage rates, “the Tory party was more concerned with who got a peerage”.

He even got in the fact that someone on Mr Johnson’s list had been at the party in Downing Street the night before the late Queen sat alone at the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral.

But for all the troubles he has faced since entering Downing Street, nobody could accuse the Prime Minister of being under-prepared for his weekly match at PMQs.

And sure enough, he had a few goals himself to score against the Red team.

First, he noted that longstanding convention meant that Prime Ministers do not interfere in honours lists, adding to Sir Keir: “I would have thought a knight would have known that.”

And he was far from finished.

Sunak pointed out at length that Labour had nominated former Deputy Leader Tom Watson for a peerage.

He said: “Perhaps he can explain why he put forward for a peerage the former Labour MP Tom Watson who spread vicious conspiracy theories that were totally and utterly untrue damaged public discourse and inflicted misery on innocent people.”

He may have drawn the wrath of the Speaker for that but the ball was in the back of the net whatever the referee thought of the sportsmanship shown.

Starmer seemed to realise that his chance of getting one over Sunak on this subject was going nowhere, so he switched tack.

But his focus on the cost of living left him with no defence.

Why, the Prime Minister wondered, was he proposing to not allow oil and gas exploration in the UK if he was worried about the cost of living and the economy?

Sunak pointed out that meant that Britain would need to buy gas from Putin’s Russia.

He said: “His predecessor (Gordon Brown) talked about British jobs for British people, he (Starmer) talks about British jobs for Russian people.”

It was brutal and once again many who seem to be struggling to get any of his team to play for him easily won the match.

Despite the chaos and the continued Labour lead, it is these weekly contests which still give Tory MPs a faint hope that their captain can pull off a similarly miraculous victory in a general election next year against his hapless opponent.

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