Sturgeon humiliated as 'barely anyone' turns up to latest Scottish nationalist rally


Sturgeon humiliated as 'barely anyone' turns up to latest Scottish nationalist rally

Twitter users took to social media to mock the “emergency rally” which saw independence supporters march from Glasgow's George Square to Glasgow Gr

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Twitter users took to social media to mock the “emergency rally” which saw independence supporters march from Glasgow’s George Square to Glasgow Green. Activists urged Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign following the partygate scandal as they made their case to rip Scotland from the Union. 

Video footage shows marchers from the All Under One Banner (AUOB) march chanting:”Boris, Boris, Boris! Out, out, out!” 

But Twitter users pointed out the small turn out in numbers.

One said: “After the pathetic turn out at today Scottish Independence march is the ‘All under one banner’ movement going to rename themselves the ‘All under one bunnet’ movement


Another joked: “Phew! That 250 strong emergency independence march hardly disturbed my day at all .”

One said: “The “emergency” indy march at George Square.Independence is dead.”

A Twitter used said: “I have seen more people at a low key working Cheese and Wine party.”

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While the SNP’s Callum Bruce SNP posted: “A huge thanks to each and every one of the 750,000 freedom fighters who braved the January weather to join the emergency independence march in Glasgow this morning.”

SNP MP Stephen Flynn was among those who marched on Saturday and branded Mr Johnson a “charlatan”.

The Aberdeen South MP said Scotland’s problems would not be fixed by Mr Johnson’s resignation and only Scottish independence would be the way forward.

He said: ”As you know, as I know, as everyone up and down Scotland knows, this Prime Minister is a charlatan, this Prime Minister is corrupt and this Prime Minister is a liar.

“The reality is, over the course of the last year or two, what we’ve seen is a Prime Minister who’s just taken £20 away from the poorest in society when we’re on the brink of a cost-of-living crisis.”

He added: “This is a man who partied … whilst people across Scotland and across the UK were dying.

“Boris Johnson needs to go and he needs to go now.”

Issues in Scotland with the UK Government “don’t start and they don’t stop with Boris Johnson”, Mr Flynn said as he touted the need for the country to leave the union.

“Not since 1955 – some 70 years – have the people of Scotland endorsed the Tories at the ballot box, yet we have been the ones who have had to bear the brunt of their policies.

“Their policies hammer the poorest in society while they feather their own corporate nests, while they continue repeatedly to ignore the democratic views of the people of Scotland.

“So, Boris Johnson, doesn’t just need to go – the Tories need to go too.”

The SNP business spokesman at Westminster went on to describe the UK Parliament as “an antique” which “doesn’t care about you or me or anyone else up and down Scotland”.

He added: “Let’s be done with Boris Johnson, let’s be done with the Tories, let’s be done with Westminster and let’s be done with their union.

“Let’s build something better, let’s build something that’s got compassion at its heart, that’s got people at its heart, that’s got our values and our principles at its heart.”

Alba Party MP Neale Hanvey also addressed the march, calling on the Scottish Government to call a constitutional convention “to chart our path to independence”.