Cam Newton not on anybody’s radar

Cam Newton admitted to being “absolutely” surprised that he was cut by the New England Patriots, so you can’t help but wonder how he must feel now. It seems no one else is all that interested in the veteran quarterback, either. CLICK

Former Patriots player has wild theory for Cam Newton’s release

Former Patriots linebacker Rob Ninkovich says he knows why New England released Cam Newton and made Mac Jones the starting quarterback. On his YouTube series, “The Dan and Ninko show,” Ninkovich said the 23-year-old rookie was helping Newton, a 10-year veteran, learn

Mac Jones was teaching Cam Newton the playbook

Even after a year of playing under Bill Belichick, Josh McDaniels and the New England Patriots’ offensive game plan, Cam Newton’s persistent struggles with learning the playbook appears to have been the main reason he got the boot in Foxborough. The veteran

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