NAACP demands meeting with Biden on treatment of Haitian refugees

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is demanding a meeting with President Biden after controversial photos from the southern border showed Border Patrol agents on horseback rounding up Haitian illegal immigrants. “President Biden is claiming on the world stage

26 governors demand Biden meeting over border crisis

More than two dozen Republican governors are demanding a meeting with President Biden to address securing America’s borders, saying the illegal immigration surge under the current administration has created an “international humanitarian crisis.” A letter released Monday signed by 26 Republican governors,

How Abba singers' chance meeting was path to fame

Folk act the Hootenanny Singers, featuring Björn Ulvaeus, knew all about Sweden’s top group The Hep Stars, with singer Benny Andersson, but had never met. Björn’s band were on their way to the event, while Benny’s had already played and were off to

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