Denise Lewis: I eavesdropped on fellow Olympians having sex

Spoiler: Not everyone is, in fact, having sex at the Olympic Village.  But they might be listening.  Olympian Denise Lewis admitted not only was she “bored” during downtime at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, but that she and other athletes would

Paris calling: After Tokyo, Olympians hanker for 2024 Games

They’ll always have Paris. That thought, full of promise, has been a lifebuoy for athletes to cling to as they coped, as best they could, with thickets of restrictions at the pandemic-hit Tokyo Games that severely crimped their Olympic experience — and

Without the crowd's roar, Tokyo Olympians search for spirit

The beloved American gymnast Sam Mikulak flipped off the parallel bars, stuck the landing and blew a kiss toward the camera. Those watching the men’s Olympics gymnastic competition on television back home knew they’d seen magic. “Beautiful!” the broadcast announcer exclaimed. “Wow,