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Terrifying escape: Boaters leap to safety seconds before speedboat explodes into fireball

NewsTerrifying escape: Boaters leap to safety seconds before speedboat explodes into fireball

This is the moment a couple is saved from a burning speedboat just seconds before it explodes.

Nathan Greenwood and his wife Rino were out on West Grand Traverse Bay, near Traverse City in Michigan, when they spotted a speedboat engulfed in black smoke.

A clip shows the Greenwoods approaching the boat as flames, which appear to break out in the engine compartment, become visible.

The Greenwoods then warn two passengers on board it is too late to try and tackle the blaze and that they need to escape the boat.

Nathan shouted: “It’s too late. Get off the boat. It’s gonna blow.”

The passengers jumped overboard seconds before the boat ‘blew up’ ejecting smoke and debris into the air.

The Greenwoods thankfully managed to pull the stranded boaters safely out of the water.

Nathan said of the daring July 21 rescue: “I knew very quickly that if they did not get off the boat, they were either going to pass out from the inhalation of the smoke, the heat, or it would end up eventually exploding.

“It’s really fortunate, because within three seconds of them jumping off of the boat, it exploded.”

An emergency vessel, equipped with a hose, arrived at the scene to extinguish the blaze.

Peninsula Township Fire Chief Fred Gilstorff told WPBN that the vessel ultimately sank due to the extra water brought onboard.

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