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The Flash ending and post credits explained: What two DC star cameos mean for The Flash 2

NewsThe Flash ending and post credits explained: What two DC star cameos mean for The Flash 2

Having started in the universe where Ben Affleck is Batman, The Flash ended up in a reality with Michael Keaton’s Dark Knight.

However, this wasn’t where Barry Allen landed at the end of the movie, having undone his meddling with time.

Awaiting Bruce Wayne’s arrival, George Clooney turns up baffling The Flash even further.

It turns out he’s ended up in the DC universe from 1997’s Batman & Robin, which is considered one of the worst movies ever made.

Barry is stuck there, but there is at least some familiarity for him when the post-credits scene arrives.

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In the end-credits scene, The Flash exits a bar with Jason Momoa’s Aquaman.

However, this isn’t the Arthur Curry we know from the Justice League movies, but a variant in the Clooneyverse.

The pair have a conversation about the multiverse before Aquaman stumbles over drunk head first into a puddle.

Aquaman tells Barry that’s where he’s staying and gifts him an Atlantean ring.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is out on December 20 and will be the final DCEU movie, although it’s not clear if it’ll connect to The Flash in some way.

Nevertheless, if The Flash 2 does get green-lit hopefully both this variant and Clooney’s Batman will be back before Barry starts meddling with Gunn’s upcoming DCU which will have an entirely new Batman and Superman.

The Flash is out now in cinemas.

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