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'There's no way back' – Is this the end for Boris Johnson? Have your say

News'There's no way back' - Is this the end for Boris Johnson? Have your say

Former Prime Minister¬†Boris Johnson stepped down as MP on Friday night after receiving findings from the long-awaited Partygate report. In an impassioned statement, Mr Johnson called the privileges committee “a kangaroo court”, took aim at Rishi Sunak’s leadership and finished by saying he was leaving parliament “at least for now”. However, many believe this is the end for Mr Johnson, and there is “no way” he could make a comeback.

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Commenting on analysis on Mr Johnson’s potential path back into Parliament, user exprssym4n1 said: “There’s no way for him to ever come back. Some in the Conservative party may love him, but the country as a whole will never accept him.”

Deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner is among those bidding “good riddance” to the former PM.

Ms Rayner called Mr Johnson a “coward” and said he has not “held his hand up and taken responsibility as he should do”.

And Conservative peer Lord Hayward has said it is “unlikely” Mr Johnson will make a political comeback.

Speaking to Sky News he said: “He believes everybody else is wrong and he is right… he may want to come back, but the chances become more dim each time there is a further stage of a row.”

However, some are calling on Mr Johnson not only to return but to start his own political party, including Express.co.uk commenter Saxon who wrote: “No Boris – start your own party. Neither of the major parties are fit to govern”.

User davelan also called for the former Prime Minister to return calling for: “Boris to make a comeback, shake up Whitehall and reclaim his massive majority.”

So is this the end of Boris Johnson’s political career? Or will he make a return? Have your say and join the Express.co.uk reader debate in our comments section.

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