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Thrill-seekers forced to walk down 235ft Blackpool rollercoaster after ride breaks down

NewsThrill-seekers forced to walk down 235ft Blackpool rollercoaster after ride breaks down

Thrill-seekers had to be evacuated from a rollercoaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach after it broke down mid-ride. The so-called Big One suddenly stopped just after 3pm today, leaving people stranded high above Blackpool beach. It is the second time within the last week that the rollercoaster, which peaks at 235ft, has broken down.

People on the ride were seen being led down a huge flight of steps, as they were taken to safety.

A visitor to the fun park told the Manchester Evening News that he and his family were on their way out when he noticed the rollercoaster had got jammed.

He explained: “It was only just after 3pm that we saw it had stuck. It was one carriage on the tracks and we could see people walking down off the ride.

“We’ve already been to the Pleasure Beach, thankfully. My partner and her little sister went on the Big One earlier in the day.”

A spokesperson for Blackpool Pleasure Beach said the stoppage had been caused by a “minor technical problem”, citing that the ride had halted exactly as it should. 

They explained: “The Big One rollercoaster stopped today (Sunday 23rd April) just before 3pm just over halfway up the lift hill.

“There was a minor technical problem and the safety system on the ride worked exactly as it should and immediately stopped the train on the lift as a precaution.

“Trained staff walked all riders safely down a set of stairs to the ground within 30 minutes.”

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The famous ride also ground to a halt on April 11 during bad weather, leading to a similar evacuation of people from the rollercoaster. 

At the time, staff asked passengers on the ride to follow a guide and walk all the way back down to the ground. The rollercoaster remained closed for the rest of the day.

The breakdown occurred one day before Storm Noa, which saw winds of up to 96mph blast the country and cause structural damage.

The Big One opened to the public in 1994 and boasts a maximum speed of 85mph. It takes three minutes to complete one circuit.

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