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TikToker Mizzy causes mayhem on TalkTV set as guests scramble security

NewsTikToker Mizzy causes mayhem on TalkTV set as guests scramble security

TalkTV host Andre Walker furiously threw off TikToker Mizzy a live programme after he accused the influencer of “threatening” a female guest. The presenter demanded security remove him as he threw his papers in the air. Mizzy, whose real name is Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, appeared on Walker’s show on Saturday night along with political commentator Reem Ibrahim.

The 18-year-old was asked by Ms Ibrahim if his antics have encouraged the kind of behaviour that leads to people getting injured.

Mizzy has made headlines recently for a number of pranks, including stealing an elderly woman’s dog and entering a man’s car claiming it’s his Uber.

Mizzy did not respond, and instead just stared at her in what presenter Walker said was a “threatening” way.

Walker then interrupted and began wagging his finger as he told Mizzy: “You can do that to me, you’re not doing to to another guest.

“You stare at another guest again and I’m going to personally remove you. I’m not taking the mick. You glared at her in a threatening fashion. You do that, I’ll drag you out by the hair and you can be as hard as you pretend you are. You apologise to her right now or you’re leaving.”

Mizzy turned to Ms Ibrahim and said: “You know I respect you, but I’m done here.”

He then got up from his seat and left the studio, as the presenter lost his cool.

“Good riddance to bad rubbish,” Walker said. “Threatening guests does not happen on my show under any circumstances. Reema I’m very sorry but the way he glared at you was not acceptable. We never should have had him on the show, I didn’t even want him here.

“I think the guy’s a complete and total fool and the fact that I attempted to have a sensible interview with an interview like that is disgusting.”

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Off-screen, a voice can be heard saying: “It’s kicking off.” A voice then said: “Get him out of here!” An infuriated Walker then shouted: “Get him out of here, get rid of him for Christ’s sake!”

He then grabbed his papers and threw them while shouting: “Get rid of him!” His co-host Danielle Nicholls then said: “Oh oh, he’s angry!”

Mizzy, from Hackney, east London, appeared in Thames’ Magistrates Court last week and admitted failing to comply with a community protection notice.

Judge Charlotte Crangle issued him with a two-year criminal behaviour order (CBO), including that he must not directly or indirectly post videos on social media without the documented consent of those featured in the content.

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