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Two teenagers arrested after tossing baby 'like a toy' during fight outside of bar

NewsTwo teenagers arrested after tossing baby 'like a toy' during fight outside of bar

Two Florida teenagers are under arrest on child abuse charges after having a fight outside of a bar in Daytona Beach. 

Yahoo is reporting that Sierrah Newell, 20, and Brianna Lafoe, 19 were outside of the Coyote Ugly bar in the area when the fight broke out. 

Witnesses began calling law enforcement when the women — who were standing about four feet apart when the fight broke out — began tossing what first appeared to be a doll back and forth.

But the reality of the situation was a lot scarier.

In reality, the women were throwing a baby back and forth between them. 

At one point, LaFoe was swinging the baby up and down, then held him upside down by his ankles.

LaFoe then threatened to hit Newell wile she was still holding her baby.

That’s when bystanders began to get involved.

“You shouldn’t have been filming our baby,” LaFoe screamed at the crowd that gathered who tried to help take the baby away and into a safe place. 

A police report from the arrest shows that both women were intoxicated, and the baby suffered a broken arm, as a result of the altercation. 

“It really breaks your heart to see a little one go through something like that,” said Shawn Knapp, a manager at Crazy John’s Recreational Cannabis, who bore witness to the altercation. 

The two women were charged with child abuse, and LaFoe was charged with battery. Both women remain in jail as of this writing.

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