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UK hit by deluge of rain and thunder with yellow Met Office weather warnings in place

NewsUK hit by deluge of rain and thunder with yellow Met Office weather warnings in place

The UK has been battered by hailstorms rain and thunder as a yellow Met Office weather warning remains in place for the UK until 10pm. On Tuesday, Basingstoke was hit by an onslaught of hail as a resident shared fears of the potential storm damage.

Basingstoke resident George Dibley, who works in public affairs, said: “It was crazy to see and hear, it sounded like someone was knocking on our window.”

The 24-year-old added: “We got worried at one point that if the hail got any bigger it might damage our car, but thankfully it only lasted a few minutes.”

In the West Country, residents in Somerset experienced a “different scale” of rain.

The thunderstorm warning – covering southern England, East Anglia, and parts of the Midlands – is in force alongside a flood warning for England.

Val Coots, from the village of Bathealton, near Tauton, said: “The stream breaks its banks quite regularly after prolonged heavy rain, usually a couple of times per year.

“Today has been on a different scale though, really unbelievable, the stream rose about a foot above the level of the garden and whole parts either side were completely submerged.

“You can see from one of the tweets what it looks like normally. The house is much higher, so we aren’t in any danger.”

Met Office meteorologist Clare Nasir said: “Showers over the next few days could be heavy with the risk of thunder and hail.

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“In fact, through Tuesday evening there is a warning for thunderstorms across the southeast.

“So you could run into some heavy bursts through the next few hours through Tuesday evening before that risk eases.

“For the time being we are seeing some lively conditions across the south as well as the east. It will ease.”

She added that the risk of thunder and hail persists through Wednesday and Thursday.

Turning to Friday, Ms Nasir said: “The chance of some heavy showers in the South elsewhere mostly dry, the cloud coming and going, but some brighter skies coming through setting the scene for Saturday.”

Met Office spokesperson Stephen Dixon said some parts of the yellow warning area could see more than 40 millimetres of rain during a three-hour period.

He said: “On Wednesday, we’ve got low pressure approaching the north west of Scotland, which is going to introduce some more wet weather, particularly in the west of Scotland and Northern Ireland for a time.

“Widespread showers are possible on Thursday and some of the showers again could be quite heavy in nature for a time.

“Generally, a drier day for many on Friday, albeit largely quite cloudy for many.”

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