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UK hot weather: New maps show when 27C French sizzler will finally bake in Britain

NewsUK hot weather: New maps show when 27C French sizzler will finally bake in Britain

New maps show when the UK will finally see some hot weather, and it could be just in time for the Spring Bank Holiday at the end of the month. Maps show temperatures reaching the mid-20s on May 26, thanks to a plume of hot air from France. The Met Office forecast is predicting temperatures “generally near average” later in the month and it “feeling warm” in the sun. 

Following disappointing weather for the May Bank Holiday and a washout at the King’s Coronation, Brits are hoping to finally enjoy some sun. 

From May 23 into June, meteorologists said: “Confidence during this period is typically low, but changeable weather appears to be the most likely outcome at this time.”

Maps appear to show temperatures reaching the mid-20s leading up to the final bank holiday weekend as most of Europe heats up. 

Last month, Spain saw record-breaking temperatures of 38.8C, around 10C to 15C warmer than expected for April. 

Now warmer Mediterranean air looks to blow away the clouds looming over the UK for the past few weeks. 

The Met Office’s long-range forecast adds: “Currently signals suggest high pressure dominating at first, bringing a fair amount of dry and bright weather, but turning more generally unsettled later in the period, with a greater chance of low pressure being the dominant feature.

“Perhaps greater confidence, relatively, can be found in temperatures being generally near to or a little above average through this period.”

It comes as temperatures look to be warm this weekend with highs of 20C in the south on Saturday.

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But again, showers and the possibility of heavy thunderstorms look to dampen outdoor plans. 

The Met Office’s five-day forecast for Friday to Monday said: “Early cloud breaking with northern and western areas seeing the most prolonged sunny spells. Cooler with cloud more stubborn in the east. Outbreaks of rain moving across parts of England.

“Warm sunny spells for many over the weekend though still cloudier in the east and rain arriving from the northwest on Sunday. Turning cooler on Monday with rain spreading southeast.”

Netweather forecasters concur that high pressure will likely be “influential”, providing hopes of a hotter weekend. Its outlook for this weekend says: “Looking ahead to next weekend (just a two-day affair this time round – a rare thing this month), high pressure is very likely to be influential to start at the very least. 

“That easterly wind will continue to be a factor, but we may also need to look to the northwest for the encroachment of weather fronts, bringing the threat of rain later on. There’s some uncertainty over this, though.”

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