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UK's wettest rollercoaster ride is back with a bang at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

NewsUK's wettest rollercoaster ride is back with a bang at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Visitors to Blackpool Pleasure Beach can finally enjoy the UK’s wettest rollercoaster again – after ‘Valhalla‘ finally welcomed back daring riders following a four-year revamp.

And as well as Viking spills, visitors to the Lancashire seaside resort can also take in some icy thrills too as 2023’s skating, glittering spectacular ‘Hot Ice – Amore Amor Amour‘ is now entertaining guests until 9th September.

The Daily Express rode the revamped Valhalla ride to see what the fuss was all about and after drying off can confirm its status as one of the darkest, wettest, flame-throwing experiences around!

It was last open pre-Covid back in 2019 when it was one of the resort’s most popular rides, as it takes you in and out of the mythical Norse heavenly hall of heroes – while plunging you down into a watery hell.

There are several lifts and drops and moments when you are almost flattened by rolling logs, arrows, tunnels of fire and an incredible waterfall tunnel – like a surfer riding through a wave.

While one gigantic tree trunk hammer crash is bound to leave you soaked to the bone – as will some of the fast, fearsome descents – and the four-minute ride leaves you literally on the end of your damp seat.

After our ride we clambered out of our Viking longboat drenched but joyous and its reopening has already captured the attention of thrill-seekers across the UK, as the experience is so unique.

It has cost the park £4m to freshen up the ride and modernise it before it reopened in the middle of May.

The ride reminds riders “You will get wet, you may get soaked”, and boasts a reservoir holding over one and a half million gallons of water – enough to fill more than two Olympic sized swimming pools.

Amanda Thompson OBE, CEO of Blackpool Pleasure Beach, said: “We’re delighted to finally be able to share a glimpse into all our hard work. The new ride is absolutely sensational and will definitely leave riders wanting more.

“Those who remember the original ride may recognise some of its best-loved features, but this reimagining of Valhalla offers a totally new immersive experience that will leave riders eager to return!”

Adam Slevin, Director of Creative, Design & Experience at Blackpool Pleasure Beach adds: “We’ve worked so hard to find the perfect balance between maintaining nostalgia, giving the ride some much-needed TLC and adding in a few surprises for fans.

“Valhalla will test even the most confident rollercoaster rider’s limits, with plummeting temperatures, fiery furnaces and torrents of water.”

Meanwhile from flames and water to Hot Ice – which is the world’s longest-running skating show, set in the Pleasure Beach’s own ice Arena, built back in 1936, and renowned each year for fresh, new shows and some of the world’s best skaters.

Performed to original songs, the dozens of performers from all over the globe bring us musical dance numbers, back-flips, spins and twirls – with now small amount of glitter, sequins and feathers thrown in.

James Bond-style numbers, a Bolero and Romeo and Juliet are just some of the themes touched on in this incredible family show produced and directed by Pleasure Beach owner Amanda Thompson OBE – a prolific former skater herself.

The show is choreographed by Oula Jaaskelainen a former Olympic athlete and Hot Ice cast member, working together with former dancer and assistant choreographer Lynsey Brown.

After a day thrills on the rollercoasters, Hot Ice is the perfect way to unwind and dream through your summer – whatever weather is battering Britain!

To book your tickets for the Hot Ice show or a day at the Pleasure Beach, visit www.blackpoolpleasurebeach.com/

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