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'Upset' vegans pen ‘entitled’ letter asking neighbours to close windows when cooking meat

News'Upset' vegans pen ‘entitled’ letter asking neighbours to close windows when cooking meat

A vegan family wrote a letter to their neighbours demanding they close their windows when cooking meat because the smell was making them “sick and upset”. The non-meat-eating people took exception at carnivorous smells wafting from the home next door and wrote what some have branded an “entitled” letter asking for action.

In a post on the Hey Perth Facebook account, the note includes the words “Please Take Seriously” and “Important Message” written on the front. 

It read: “Hello neighbour, could you please shut your side window when cooking please? My family are vegan (we eat only plant-based foods) and the smell of the meat you cook makes us feel sick and upset.”

Since the letter was posted online, the neighbour who penned it has received a roasting themselves for what some have branded an “entitled” demand.

It’s understood the row originated in the Burns Beach area of Perth in Western Australia and locals have been quick to offer their opinion on the letter.

One defiant meat eater wrote: “I would fire up the smoker and do a 12 hour brisket, with a sausage sizzle for lunch thrown in, entitled much?”

Others quipped if they received a similar demand they would host a BBQ for the whole street in retaliation: “Jesus, what is the world coming to when you can’t cook a steak in your own kitchen, I’d crank the Weber too just for posting that.”

A more drastic suggestion said town planners should consider putting vegans in their own suburb, but more balanced views agreed it was nobody’s “business” would someone cooks in their own home.

One person chimed in: “Next these people will be asking fast food places to shut their vents so the smell of cooking meats doesn’t contaminate their precious air.

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“If it makes you that sick hun, maybe you should be the one closing your windows. Stop pushing your food views on others.”

Some kind-hearted people shared their suggestions for how the carnivore family should respond to their veggie-loving neighbours.

They wrote: “If their side window was very close to their own home, I’d accommodate the request. I don’t see why not. However, if I were bbqing in the yard, tough. Close your own windows.”

Another said: “A same reply is enough. Dear neighbour, please shut your windows when you cook veggies as I am carnivore (eat meat only) and the smell of the cooked veggies is offensive to me.”

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