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Viktor Orban teams up with Brexiteers in Brussels to wage anti-woke war on EU

NewsViktor Orban teams up with Brexiteers in Brussels to wage anti-woke war on EU

Hungarian leader Viktor Orban is bringing his conservative message to Brussels, aiming to counter what he sees as “wokism” in the EU capital.

Similar to Rupert Murdoch’s media influence, the Hungarian Prime Minister is backing news outlets like The European Conservative and the Brussels Signal to challenge mainstream views.

Orban, known for limiting media freedom in Hungary, is using these outlets to create an alternative narrative.

With Brexit campaign allies, he is gearing up for Hungary’s Council presidency, hoping to raise his profile in Brussels and connect with global conservative movements.

The Brussels Signal, launched last month, wants to bring a “fresh air” perspective to debates on migration, Ukraine, the 2024 elections, and freedom of speech in the EU.

Brexiteer and British conservative Michael Mosbacher has been hired to run the publication.

The European Conservative reportedly receives substantial funding from an Hungarian government-linked foundation.

Orban, isolated since leaving the European People’s Party in 2021, believes these media ventures, combined with the Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) think tank, will form a strategic soft power network.

Despite tensions within Orban’s circle, the goal is clear: challenge the mainstream and present an alternative conservative viewpoint in Brussels.

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