Watch out Sky! Freeview just revealed some huge news about its TV service

Sky might have just launched its new dish-free Glass television in a bid to boost its user numbers but the pay-for-TV service has some serious competition from a totally free rival. Freeview has just announced that its on-demand platform called, Freeview Play, is now used in over 10 million homes.

The firm is boasting that it now makes this service the fastest growing TV platform in the UK. If you weren’t already aware Freeview Play, which launched back in 2015, is built into the majority of new TVs and, unlike Sky or Virgin, it’s available to viewers for free, with no monthly fees or joining costs.

The platform provides over 80 live TV channels alongside 10 on-demand players; BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, My5, UKTV Play, CBS Catchup Channels UK, Horror Bites, POP Player, STV Player and BBC Sounds.

According to Freeview, there’s now over 30,000 hours of TV to watch with users able to explore the full range of content via the universal search function and a carousel of content recommendations on Explore Freeview Play, available at Channel 100.

Speaking about the news Owen Jenkinson, Marketing Director at Freeview Play said: “Our incredible growth over the past few years reflects the incredible content we have available. There has never been more choice in subscription-based streaming platforms, and yet it’s clear that Freeview still offers something unique for viewers. Freeview Play gives viewers the flexibility to get the most out of both worlds, all at no extra cost.”

Of course, if you want full access to services such as Sky Sports and CInema you will need to pay and Sky is hoping that its Glass TV will make it easier to tune into its premium offerings.

Powered by the internet, SKy Glass doesn’t need a dish and everything is tucked inside the telly which makes things simple to set-up and use.

There’s even a soundbar under the screen for improved audio. has recently tried out Sky Glass and you can read our full impressions here.

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