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Water pours from Waitrose ceiling before it buckles after storm hits Britain

NewsWater pours from Waitrose ceiling before it buckles after storm hits Britain

Water started gushing from the ceiling of a Waitrose branch after torrential rain and adverse weather hit the United Kingdom.

Following days of sunshine and temperatures in the high twenties, thunderstorms started to move their way across the UK on Monday, June 12.

One shopper in the Buckingham Waitrose branch captured the moment water started leaking from the ceiling.

It shows when the ceiling eventually caves in, causing the store’s light to swing down by its wire as shoppers run from the scene.

One woman can be seen holding up her umbrella. 

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The incident at Waitrose came as the Met Office issued yellow and amber weather warnings for thunderstorms across large parts of the country.

Lasting from midday until 9pm on Monday, June 12, it said there could have been a “significant danger” to those outdoors.¬†

While the majority of families will have seen the warnings cleared up, two remain in Northern Ireland and int North West Scotland.

Again, these run from midday until 9pm. The Met Office predicts storms could bring “some disruption” to Brits.

A Met Office spokesman said: “Although some places will miss them, thunderstorms are likely to develop over parts of Northern Ireland and northwestern Scotland from early Tuesday afternoon.

“These will be fairly slow moving with the potential for large rainfall amounts in a short period of time. 20-30 mm of rain may fall in an hour or less in a few spots with perhaps 40-50 mm possible if successive showers affect the same location.

“Frequent lightning is also likely to be a hazard along with hail.”

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